Sadhana's Herbal Tea Recipe

Fennel 1
Coriander 1
Clove 1/4
Cardamon 1/4
Cinnamon 1/4
Lemongrass 1/2
Bay Leaf 1/4
Basil 1/4

All in dry form, grind but not too finely, the fennel, coriander, clove, cardamon, cinnamon altogether and mix with chopped lemon grass, bay leaf and basil.

Mix ingredients together and put one tea spoon in hot water and boil for 5 minutes. Now tea is ready, you can drink with or without sugar.

Sadhana’s Herbal tea is free from caffeine. This tea is slightly diuretic and helps to cleanse the body, improve the digestion and balance the body temperature.

Enjoy the soothing and healing tea of Sadhana Yoga!