Sadhana Yoga Retreat / Pokhara


 Cost: US$ 22

 Walk-ins welcome


For those who have limited time but are still looking to experience the benefits of Yoga, then this program is ideal for both the beginners and advanced alike. Sadhana Yoga retreat welcomes to the travelers for this shortest packages to experience yoga and yogic life style. Though these 3 hours at Sadhana Yoga are very short duration to understand our offers but you know that "something is better than nothing."

    Arrival Time at Sadhana Yoga Retreat

    Morning Yoga (7:00 am to 10:00 am)

    Arrival time at the centre 6:45 am

    Evening Yoga (4:30 pm to 7:30 pm)

    Arrival time at the cenre 4:15 pm

Yoga Teaching

We teach Hatha yoga combining kriyas (purification process of body and mind) and breathing (pranayama). We integrate many different flow (vinyasa) practice, pre-asanas to prepare body and mind for asanas (longer retention of postures), deep relaxation practice and meditation. Sadhana Yoga Retreat situates on the top of hills in middle of nature with breathtaking views of mountains and lake Fewa. All the classes are run in this beautiful surroundings with birds chirping and trees swinging. 

In the morning you are participating in

  • Neti Kriya (nasal cleansing) 
  • Yoga lesson
  • Breakfast

In the evening you are participating in

  • Chanting
  • Yoga lesson
  • Dinner

Program includes

Morning session: tea, nasal flushing, one and half hour of yoga practice and breakfast

Evening session: chanting, one and half hour of yoga practice and dinner

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